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We moved to the new website! WWW.BUILDING-ENCLOSURE.COM in year 2012, so it's news no longer).

Monday 11/26//2012

The new post about Thermal Simulations – Applicability provides some tips about 3D FEA Computer Simulations.

Friday 04/13//2012

The new post about Sloped Glazing provides the link to the BEST3 paper.

Thurday 03/08//2012

The new post about Spontaneous Microbial Growth in Winter talks about missing winter humidity control in Hot and Humid Climate.

Friday 08/19/2011

We issued the new Video DVD titled "Curtain Walls ," which qualifies for the American Instritute of Architects (AIA) Continuing Education System (CES) learning unit! ! We offer it at a discount price for the first twenty discs sold.

Friday 07/01/2011

We issued the new DVD titled "Aspects of Building Enclosure Design in Hurricane Country: Hot and Humid Climate" Both DVDs now qualify for the American Instritute of Architects (AIA) Continuing Education System (CES) learning units!

The DVD titled "Principles of Facade Design" is on sale now! Enjoy the new, unbelievably low price!

Enjoy even greater savings by buying both DVDs for less!

Please note that this is a short-term promotion to inaugurate the long overdue Hot and Humid DVD which will last only for the first twenty discs sold. However, due to the sales volume, we will also generally lower the prices permanently.

Thursday 05/26/2011

The new blog sub-site providing is up and running. We received the first comment!

Sunday 05/01/2011

New News Site

We added a sub-site providing news. It's still under construction. Your comments are welcome. It allows readers to comment and rate posts.

Thrusday 04/28/2011

Spearin Doctrine

One of the great difficulties of an educator is to adjust to the prospective target audience to avoid loosing too many by shooting over their heads. +Kaz discovered those items by trial and error in the course of his seminars. They are divided in two categories: one which architects never admit, and the ones which they sometimes reluctantly ask about. Needless to say, the latter list is easier to populate. The former requires use of anonymous surveys. On the top of this category is the Spearin Doctrine or, generally speaking, the architectural liability for errors and omissions. Therefore, Kaz is writing ; a short explanatory article as it relates to building envelopes which are the subject of the majority of claims. Stay tuned.

Monday 04/25/2011

Looking Through Hazy Windows - Foggy Glass Disease

Is your window foggy? If so, welcome to the growing club of unhappy owners of the hazy glazing. The "foggy glass disease" can be described as a white discoloration and loss of transparency. Kaz placed  the new article titled "Looking Through Hazy Windows - Foggy Glass Disease" online for the general public.  It's available free of charge (8 pages, PDF, size 1.44MB). This article was written to respond to typical questions posed by those affected by the failure, and is intended to instruct readers  how to check their glass, shed some light on reasons why the glass became foggy, and give some practical solutions. It's directed to owners, managers, and maintenance crew of large buildings and focuses on an architectural rehabilitation as opposed to new design and construction. Insurance adjusters may find the article useful in separation of damage from preexisting conditions and gradual deterioration. Those interested in a new design as opposed to forensics and rehab may gain more from attending "Façade Engineering With Glass"  session of Facade Engineering University scheduled on 08/21/2011.

Tuesday 01/04/2011

How To Write and Read a Forensic Report - Review of Typical Issues and Solutions Associated with Engineering Assessment Reports.

Kaz placed  the new article titled "How to Write and  Read a Forensic Report – Critically" online. It's available free of charge under the section titled "Publications." (19 pages, PDF, size 595kB). This article is intended for education and amusement of both authors and recipients of reports describing deficiencies of building enclosures. It may also prove useful in other areas of expertise, as number of issues are fairly universal. These days, the stalled new construction sector causes a growing number of construction professionals to seek work and provide services related to deficiencies of the existing inventory of buildings, and seek savings to be able to provide these services at a lower cost. The litigious character of the American society often discourages sharing the information for a public good; therefore, preventing the education of the investigators, and the associated clandestinity sometimes covers quality issues of the investigative work itself. Recipients of these reports typically speak different professional languages and have different work cultures, encumbering the communication and further delaying finding truth. The quality of forensic investigations and reporting vary greatly, and many issues appear repetitive enough to be covered in a separate piece of writing. This article comes as the result of authoring and peer-reviewing forensic reports in the building enclosure field. Building enclosures are at the forefront of investigations, believed to be the largest single source of issues associated with buildings.
The list of covered items:
1. Conclusions Are So Much Easier To Formulate In The Absence Of Facts,
2. Obscurity Of The Forensic Process Is Too Often An Excuse For A Sloppy Work,
3. The Individual’s Expertise,
4. Conflict of Interest,
5. Objectivity,
6. Separating Fact from Opinion Preserves the Integrity of Both,
7. Forensic or Not,
8. Purpose and Scope of an Investigation,
9. Time,
10. Importance of the Address,
11. Use of Hedge Words,
12. Accuracy and Precision,
13. Purpose of the Testing,
14. Discussion on Alternative Recommendations,
15. Light Has a Sanitizing Effect,

Thursday 28/10/2010

Newly Updated Facade Impact Resistance Manual

Kaz updated the "Facade Impact Resistance Manual." The manual is available free of charge in PDF format. This manual is intended for designers designing large facades in the high wind regions and is organized in four logical steps: Where, What, Why, and Design, explaining the steps a façade designer needs to follow in order to verify and address the elementary impact resistance requirements.
The author is a chairman of Building Enclosure Council (BEC) in Miami, FL, covering the areas subjected to the peril of wind-borne debris impact; therefore, he frequently responds to questions dealing with the specifics of the hurricane-proof façade design. This manual is intended to clarify and respond to some frequently asked questions, typically posed by northern designers experiencing lack of information regarding impact resistance design for public, commercial, healthcare, cultural projects, and other large projects in the South.

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